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  • Creating space for Experiential Learning of Southern Oregon Wild-lands
  • Wildcrafting the Abundance of Nature


The plant nation shares this planet with us, gifting all life with clean air, fresh water, food, medicine, prosperity of life, and the priceless abundance of our current living expansion. Ever guiding, teaching, healing, & sharing the vitality of life to those who will use it responsibly. When we forage the "fruit" of nature’s abundance, plants growing withing our own harvesting region, to use in our personal life, we acknowledge the gifts of vibrant life Creation has blessed the earth with.

Public Wildcraft Walk/Hike

Identify & Harvest Wild Medicine & Food! Connect with nature, create community, learn the abundance of our earth & how to use it in your daily living! Hosted by – Chell Fireheart. Sharing the knowledge of how we can use Nature's Wild Resources for wellness & healing. Visually identifying, touching, smelling, tasting, using all the senses to learn about the plants growing around us. Wild plant identification & responsible harvest. #sunhorsewildcraft  

(see each event for details)

Personally Tailored Wildcraft Walk/Hike

A personally guided 2hr wildcraft tour on select trails of Southern Oregon. Learn about the medicinal/ edible plants & herbs along the trail. Visually identify, touch, smell &taste, open the senses to the energy of each plant, intuitively feel which plants are the most beneficial for your unique being & biological makeup. Special focus is given to sustainable harvest practices & healthy wildland management.

Wildcraft tour includes:

2hrs on the trail - foraging & harvesting.

+30m consultation to answer questions & discuss details, uses, & recipes for each plant harvested.

+PDF info file & pictures of each plant (10 plants max)

+connection to our online plant ID & consultation

1hr for total travel time to & from each trail. (Trails are located within a 30m radius of Grants Pass)

When we harvest from nature's abundance, which we have need of or use for, we always give thanks for the many gifts the earth provides! Tradition is to offer a gift in return, usually something small & natural. If this resonates with you, ideas may be a small stone, feather, herbs, garden extras, or any small token. "According to countless ancient ways of knowing, all plants posses a sacred spirit. It is this pure and hallowed nature of plants, and our inter-connectedness, that has lead to their traditional and medicinal use."

Chell Fireheart

Herbalist, Intuitive, Plant & Animal Communicator, Wildcraft Enthusiast

I've lived in So. Or. most of my life &have used that experience to gain direct, experiential knowledge of our local wildlands. In spring of 2018, I started the local group SunHorse Wildcraft, which focuses on wild plant ID & local harvesting of medicinal & edible plants. I am also the creator of SunHorse Apothecary: Organic & Wild Botanicals. My greatest passions are: Learning, exploring & honoring the gifts of the wild lands; Growing organic sungrown food & medicine; Bringing horses & people together for Equine Facilitated Learning; Enjoying time with my family & friends; Allowing Spirit to create through me healing & wellness; & the Simple Complexity of Being Alive! With positive energy &passion in the knowledge of Herbal Living.May you feel the pure, undiluted blessing of this present moment.

****Donation Support - all donations go to support SunHorse Wildcraft in creating space for Experiential Learning of our Wild-lands. Sharing knowledge & awareness of Wild land resources. Aiding to preserve & protect wild land sustainability. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

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Herbal Smudge Ceremony

Clean Air & Wellness

Personal, Home, Business & Event Ceremonies

Herbal smoke cleansing has been used by humankind since the beginning of our discovery of fire.  

The smoke from burning medicinal herbs has been proven to release negative ions, clearing the air of 94%- 98% of viruses, bacteria,mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, dust, &other hazardous airborne particles. These changes in the molecular structure of air result in environmental & energetic cleansing. Beneficial herbs, like the traditional White Sage, will also increase the oxygen supply to the brain, relaxing muscle tension & reducing inflammation. Specific medicinal herbs release healing compounds into the air which are: Antiviral, Antifungal, Antibacterial & Antimicrobial. Increasing lung health, stimulating brain function, opening & clearing skin pores, & provides natural aromatherapy.  

Smudging Ceremony.

For healing, wellness, & energy clearing. Infused with love & light.

Using indigenous traditions as well as today’s newest research giving us a clear focus for how each plant is to be used. Focused around the pure, positive vibration of Spirit, Creation, & the Elements.

Creating space for Harmony at your Home, Business, or Personal Event.

“According to countless ways of knowing, all plants posses a sacred spirit. It is this pure and hallowed nature of plants, and our inter-connectedness, that has lead to their traditional & medicinal use.”

*New Birth *Wedding *New Business *New Home *Events

*Celebration *Consecration *End of life transition

Each ceremony is tailored to fit specific needs,intentions, & personal desires.

Free 30m consultation. All materials provided.

“Let the Fires of Passion in your Heart express themselves through your Creation.”

May you be free from danger,

May you have mental happiness,

May you have physical happiness,

May you have ease of well-being,

May you feel joy & wonder for this present moment.

Book a personal or public ceremony with us today!

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