"The Savvy-salve from SunHorse is the best I found. I have tried other salves to ease the discomfort in my knees and none helped until I tried the Savvy-salve. Best product out there in my opinion." - Brian Day 


 "My friend Chelle has been perfecting her salves for years and continually improves her product. She's a true medicine woman. If you're looking for a healing, soothing topical that can truly transfrom recovery for you and your family, look no further." - Xoe Saramony 


 "I feed and rejuvinate my cells, inner and outer, with Salve-ation. A massage using this salve, created with love, is a true healing. Thank you, Chelle." - JoEllen Corcoran 

"I bought my first jar of Savvy-Salve from you at Art Along the Rogue. I have been rubbing it into my feet each night to help with my Neuropathy. As you told me, the 20oz jar lasted just about a month. The salve helps relieve some of the pain, but it hasn't provided a cure. While not as strong as the prescribed gabapentin I also take, it (the salve) is faster acting. I feel relief as soon as I apply it. And I feel so much better about using something that is natural. ....I think you have a hight quality product,..." - Terry

"I have rheumatoid arthritis & my son Connor shared with my mom a sample jar of your product (which I tried) & the results were amazing! The other benefits, especially for skin, will be interesting to explore as well. Thank you again." - Tracy

"The products that Chell makes are amazing, she puts so much love & care into all her work, & has such a deep knowledge of everything she is doing. I love my Savvy-Salve & smudges. Much recommended!" - Charles Roe


"I went to WA and visited a friend who ended up with a severe case of Eczema over her entire body. Even her entire scalp. I had a jar of the Savvy-Salve which I used on experimental spots on her skin, while she used prescribed topical medicine combined with pills. The salve worked in the areas I put it, quickly bringing relief to her scalp. The pharmaceutical did help as well but took longer & it is basically a poison being put into the body. I only had that jar at the time but I am 100% convinced it would have cleared up the entire eczema & in a healthy non toxic way if I had more with me! Amazing product & made with care & much Love! Love is always the #1 ingredient for all things. You will certainly not be disappointed with the Savvy-Salve!"
~Hollye Hitt 

"My dog has been ripping his fur out for the last few months. We tried multiple vet suggested products & nothing worked. We tried sWagskin from SunHorse & results were almost immediate. His hair is finally growing back & he’s not messing with himself hardly at all & that’s after just 3 days of use. It’s amazing!" 

- Kim Hoehne

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