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Living & Creating with Nature's Raw herbs, Plants, & Fungi. Fully engaged in the creation of sustainable, organic, & wildcrafted Herbal Medicine. Working in harmony with earth and spirit for transformative, full spectrum wellness.   Wellness starts from living in unity within, trusting in the Spirit of Creation to bring wholness to each unique soul. 

Sungrown Wellness


 SunHorse Apothecary is commited to mind-body-spirit wholeness through the healing power of plants, herbs, fungi, &  the Raw Elements of Nature. With positive energy, passion, and the ancient knowledge of Herbal Living. Growing and Thriving in the Light of the Sun!

Southern Oregon Wildcraft


  Wild, Raw, & Uncultivated. Our natural world is abundant in solutions to the health issues of today. SunHorse Apothecary is creating space for more knowledge and access to Earth's potent remedies & our natural resources. Teaching, Crafting, & Creating within the unique biodiversity & climate that is Southern Oregon! 

Welcome to SunHorse Wellness!

 Mind-Body-Spirit wholeness for all people and creatures on planet earth, this is the intent behind SunHorse Apothecary. Built upon the roots of the ancient art of herbal healing and focused upon the time tested benefits of bringing people, animals, & nature together. The mission of SunHorse Apothecary is to continue to build and grow a strong company with the ability to fulfill the herbal needs of those searching for a more organic way of life. While also creating space for experiential learning in a positive environment designed for highest growth and well-being. All of life desires to be well and whole, by connecting to our natural environment we water the seeds necessary for highest health.

SunHorse has begun with organic botanicals focused on Cannabis Sativa combined with other medicinal herbs, Herb Sticks, wild herbs & local seeds, wildcrafting, and hosting teaching events. To aid in the healing and wholeness of our world through herbal medicine energetically engineered for wellness using earth conscious practices. Through events,local workshops and wildcrafting, people gain access to the knowledge of personal wellness through the natural environment. The ‘sunhorse’ represents the life creating energy of the sun and thriving free spirit of the horse.

Current products:

Savvy-salve  Hemp CBD Skin Food

sWagskin  Hemp CBD Skin Food for Animals

Herb Sticks  Organic - Southern Oregon Wildcrafted

Southern Oregon Wild Harvested Herbs, Plants, & Seeds

sustainable - hand harvested - sungrown

Coming soon: Full line of Hemp & Wildcrafted Botanicals and Personal Care Products.

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SunHorse Apothecary

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SunHorse Apothecary

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Follow the Sun. Follow your Inspirations.

I believe in sharing the spark of inspiration, sharing the beauty within your heart.  Let the fires of passion in your heart express themselves through your creation. I was out enjoying the sunset and this song came bursting out. As I started singing, Bella Sunhorse and Freya started playing. I love the joy and playfulness that these two share, it reminds me to always find the play and joy in each day.

May you all be blessed with much joy, love and laughter in this day and all your days to come.