What is Wildcraft?

Wild Botanicals

Thriving Wildness

Wild Botanicals


 Botanical - pertaining to, made from, or containing plants. Botanical comes from botanic, which has its root in the Greek word botanikos, "of herbs."  Essentially, Botanicals are products in which botanical or natural ingredients are the core of the product. From flowers to leaves to roots and seeds, plant extract can be the core elements for personal care products.

Born to be Wild

Thriving Wildness

Wild Botanicals


Nurture your inner Wild with botanicals wild-sourced from the heart of the unique Southern Oregon. Hand Harvested, Sustainable, Sungrown, Organic, Naturally Bio-dynamic.

As humans evolve and medicine changes, the evidence is becoming clear for the need of natural Botanicals in our everyday lives.

Thriving Wildness

Thriving Wildness

Thriving Wildness


Plants are known to have healing & regenerative qualities. Containing essential healing compounds for wellness of Body, Mind, & Spirit. According to countless ancient ways of knowing, all plants posses a sacred spirit, it is this pure and hallowed nature of plants, and our inter-connectedness that has lead to their traditional and medicinal use.

Why Wild

Earth's Wild Resources

Thriving Wildness


The wisdom of Earth has long gifted us with the use of plants, herbs, & fungi for

Full Spectrum Wellness. Today's research is proving the potent power of Botanicals in our everyday lives & self care. Natural resources are the most rich & balanced in healing compounds, carrying naturally potent plant constituents. Grown in wildlands abundant in fertile soils, clean water, and fresh air. Wild Botanicals carry all the highest quality ingredients, undiluted by human manipulation.

Wildcraft Care

Earth's Wild Resources

Earth's Wild Resources


(check our products page for some of our current wild botanicals & Sacred Smoke.

Much more coming soon!)

Earth's Wild Resources

Earth's Wild Resources

Earth's Wild Resources


Dedicated to harvesting in harmony, mindfully maintaining natural resources, and sustainably sourcing from the abundance of our Wildlands. Sharing knowledge & awareness for the protection & care of our Mother Earth and all the many gifts She provides us. 

SunHorse Wildcraft Services

 Creating space for Experiential Learning of Southern Oregon Wild-lands

Wildcrafting the Abundance of Nature

  • Public Wildcraft Walk/Hike

Identify & Harvest Wild Medicine & Food! Connect with nature, create community, learn the abundance of our earth & how to use it in your daily living! Hosted by – Chell Fireheart. Sharing the knowledge of how we can use Nature's Wild Resources for wellness & healing. Visually identifying, touching, smelling, tasting, using all the senses to learn about the plants growing around us. Wild plant identification & responsible harvest. #sunhorsewildcraft  

(see each event for details)

  • Personally Tailored Wildcraft Walk/Hike

A personally guided 2hr wildcraft tour on select trails of Southern Oregon. Learn about the medicinal/ edible plants & herbs along the trail. Visually identify, touch, smell &taste, open the senses to the energy of each plant, intuitively feel which plants are the most beneficial for your unique being & biological makeup. Special focus is given to sustainable harvest practices & healthy wildland management.

Wildcraft tour includes:

2hrs on the trail - foraging & harvesting.

+30m consultation to answer questions & discuss details, uses, & recipes.

+PDF info file & pictures of each plant (10 plants max).

+connection to our online plant ID & consultation.

1hr for total travel time to & from each trail.

(Trails are located within a 30m radius of Grants Pass)

  • Wildcraft Workshops (coming soon!)

“According to countless ways of knowing, all plants posses a sacred spirit. It is this pure and hallowed nature of plants, and our inter-connectedness, that has lead to their traditional & medicinal use.”

Sharing knowledge of plants & herbs for the healing & continued wholeness of humanity, extending to all living nations on earth.  

Each workshop will focus on wild foraged & organically grown herbs, plants, & fungi – wild harvested, locally sungrown, using sustainable practices. We consider & include the full spectrum of how each plant has been grown & treated throughout the entire life cycle. The plant nation shares this planet with us, gifting all life with clean air, fresh water, food, medicine, prosperity of life, and the priceless abundance of our current living expansion. Ever guiding, teaching, healing, & sharing the vitality of life to those who will use it responsibly. When we forage the "fruit" of nature’s abundance, plants growing withing our own harvesting region, to use in our personal life, we acknowledge the gifts of vibrant life Creation has blessed us with.

Workshops include:

All plant & crafting materials. Topics will include plant identification, responsible harvesting, medicinal & edible uses. Combining traditional indigenous uses & today's newest research.  You will be guided in the different ways in which each plant can be personally used for herbal teas & infusions, decoctions, aerial & energetic smoke cleansing, topicals, salves, balms, tinctures, culinary uses,

pest repellent, aromatherapy, & more.  

Find out more about our current services here!